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SAT 1st Dec 2018
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The 2018 GRIM Challenge will be our last one. Don’t shed a tear, just enter and join us for the farewell party!

GRIM, Aldershot started in 2002, was one of the original mud runs and is now one of the largest in the country. Now a teenager, the event still has serious 8 miles of attitude so if you’ve never run it before, we’d love to welcome you to Aldershot.

Held on the Army’s vehicle testing tracks, you’ll need to tackle a wide range of terrain from dirt tracks to stony paths to muddy puddle-strewn paths, a bog… Expect the unexpected!

This year we’ve launched 2 new events at our big December GRIMday. For those who feel that they might not be able to take on the whole challenge, we’ve launched a half-distance 4 mile event incorporating some great parts of the longer distance course. It’s shorter but relentlessly GRIM. As it is shorter, we’ve also been able to lower the age limit of this event to 13 so our tough / mad kids can give it a go.

For those ultra-tough GRIM nutters, we’ve launched a 2-lap 16 mile event which truly lives up to its GRIM X name. For those who like to go long, we salute you.

You can enter as an individual or enter with some mad friends, there’s safety in numbers… There are three team categories: men only, women only or mixed teams and all teams must be made up of three people.

There are super cool tech tees for all so what’s not to like?

We know you want to come out and play at GRIM this year and we’re sure you’ve got what it takes. See you on a start line soon.

Let the filthy fun begin!

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